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BT Machinery Sales, LLC

Business limited to the sales of spring manufacturing and wire processing machinery

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Since the late 1970's NIMSCO has been involved in the spring machinery business.  Beginning with the old Herckelbout-Pernin (HP) machines and moving forward with representation of Bennett Mahler and Simplex-Rapid in the early 1980's, NIMSCO was well positioned within the industry.

Eventually adding OMAS, NIMSCO rounded out a full line of spring manufacturing and wire forming machinery.

                       - Crash/crush spring grinders

                         - Downfeed spring grinders

- Infeed spring grinders

                                 - Tub grinders

                                 - Dry grinders

                                - Wet grinders

                                  - Maxicoils

                                - Hand coilers

                         - New, used and rebuilt



    - MC series CNC compression spring coilers

    - MT series CNC torsion spring coilers

     - MC series CNC garter spring coilers

       - SP series garter spring joiners

       - AFC mandrel/tool grinders





             - Straighten and cut machinery for wire and tube